MageLMS is a custom module built for the Magento ecommerce system. Unleash the unparalleled ecommerce capabilities of arguably the world’s most powerful shopping cart system to sell access to your online and offline courses, workshops, events, seminars and webinars, as well as physical products such as books, DVDs and more.

MageLMS also has custom connectors to Moodle and Totara LMS systems. Choose to integrate Magento directly to your own Enterprise LMS if you prefer! Or, integrate on a product by product basis. Each product in the MageLMS Magento back-end can be independently connected to an internal LMS course or an external LMS course in your own Moodle or Totara.

Which means that MageLMS is the only system for selling courses you will ever need!

MageLMS provides an efficient course building methodology. Simply:

  • add a Course Home Page to Magento
  • add Content Pages to the Course Home Page via a Table of Contents editor
  • re-order pages on the Table of Contents if needed
  • sell access to the Course Home Page!

It really is that simple!

MageLMS provides powerful content authoring tools. Each page within MageLMS allows you to:

  • author content instantly with a powerful WYSIWYG interface
  • copy / paste content from Word with a powerful Word conversion feature
  • embed videos quickly from sites such as Youtube.
  • upload image and video files quickly and efficiently

MageLMS offers your learners an easy-to-navigate course and rewarding user experience.

  • You create a Table of Contents and decide the learning sequence
  • MageLMS instantly replicates this into a course
  • Magento templates allow selective display of the Table of Contents on pages of your choosing

MageLMS allows content to be shared across courses!

  • Magento's powerful Block feature allows the creation of one instance of a content resource
  • simply insert the 'Block' into any LMS page.
  • MageLMS will display the appropriate content, once or a hundred times!
  • update the one Block and instantly update all pages that use this Block content.
  • the simplest way to re-use content imaginable!

MageLMS allows any LMS page to be enhanced with product data!

  • embed products, lists of products, best sellers, special offers, categories and more into any LMS page!
  • allow learners to purchase the next course in sequence from anywhere within their current learning
  • MageLMS fully supports Magento's widgit capability to offer upsells, cross sells and other product data directly into any LMS or non-LMS page.

MageLMS supports SCORM!

MageLMS connects Magento to the world renowned scorm.com xapi interface for scorm content delivery. Use a powerful authoring tool such as Articulate Storyline, iSpring or Lectora, to create scorm packages and insert into MageLMS. Track learner access through the MageLMS Grade Display widgit.

MageLMS supports quiz and assessment questions authored in Quizzage! Build your quiz questions in the scorm cloud and import directly into MageLMS

Connect MageLMS to an Enterprise LMS!

MageLMS is a deliberately 'lite' LMS system. It is designed to allow online course vendors to very quickly bring their elearning courses to market, and to utilize the sheer power of the Magento ecommerce application to drive sales. However, we accept that some course vendors will demand more LMS capability than MageLMS is designed to give.

No problem!

Simply connect your own Moodle or Totara LMS to your MageLMS store. The ecommerce experience remains the same, but the LMS capabilities soar! We can help if you don't already have a Moodle or Totara LMS - we have partnerships with LMS vendors across the world and can put you in touch with a suitable company.

What are you waiting for! Sign up to MageLMS now and put the power of Magento to work selling your online courses.