Sell More Courses with MageLMS and Magento

Upsells, cross sells and related products. Harness the sheer ecommerce power of Magento to help you sell more online. Use MageLMS’ powerful Newsletter capability to manage, customize and send as many differing format newsletters as you need. Manage subscribes and unsubscribes with ease.

Wish Lists, Send to a Friend, ‘New Items’ promo tools, recently viewed and compared products and customizable interactive polls – add all with ease to your MageLMS Magento-based system.

Search Engine Optimized

MageLMS uses Magento’s 100% search engine friendly code. Fully responsive designs, Google Site Maps and full URL rewrites to give you full control over page naming, mean that your MageLMS courses store will never be far from the top of a search return!

MageLMS also allows you to configure specific landing pages for certain categories – optimize your use of Google Adwords or create custom landing pages for partners. Change theme and branding across the board and at set dates and times.

Product Offers and Discounts

MageLMS offers you a full suite of flexible discounting capabilities, from Coupon / Voucher discount codes with fully configurable price rules, to bespoke priced product bundles, to multi-tier price discounting. Create flexible customer groups for extra special price treatments and behaviors.

Take advantage of our catalog promotional pricing with the ability to restrict to certain categories or products only. Restrict discounting to customer groups, time periods, products, and categories.

Generate a set of unique coupon codes for each promotion and export the list of codes for offline distribution, email, newsletters and more. Easily manage and monitor coupon usage and generate detailed reports.

Mobile Commerce Increases Sales

Highly responsive design and pre-integrated mobile HTML 5 is available. This supports the following features out-of-the-box:

  • Device-specific media capabilities for audio and video
  • User-friendly search and results display
  • Clean display of product detail pages
  • Pinch, multi-touch and scaling images
  • Easy swipe between product images
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Cross-sell and up-sell capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop of products to the shopping cart