MageLMS allows you to create courses, turn them into products for sale, enrol students and manage sales and customers. We understand if you haven’t used MageLMS before or are already using it and need to know how to do something. With that in mind, this collection of How-To guides contains everything you need to know to get up and running and start selling courses online.

Customer Management

This section helps you manage your learners, and helps your customers manage their learners if they buy multiple seats at once.

  1. Creating User Roles
  2. Setting an Automatic Enrolment Expiry
  3. Viewing Online Customers
  4. Student Roster
  5. Enrolment Process
  6. Purchasing a Course for Someone
  7. Agent Sales
  8. Multiple Seat Allocation
  9. Customising Customer Emails

Sales and Marketing

This section shows you how to create discount vouchers and other ways you can promote your course and boost sales.

  1. Creating Discount Vouchers
  2. Discounts for Multi-Seat Purchases
  3. Newsletter Marketing