Are you evaluating how best to sell your courses online?

It's often easier to think in terms of 'Use Cases' when considering whether a LMS and ecommerce system will meet your needs. We have summarized a few typical use cases we hear from our customers below. However, this list is by no means definitive! Why not book a call with one of our team to run through your own specific requirements - there's always something new for us to consider!

I have created a course in Microsoft Word, PPT and Youtube video formats and would like to sell it online. Can MageLMS help?

Yes! Simply create a new Course Home Page and start copying / pasting your content into MageLMS. If you need additional pages on your Table of Contents, simply 'Add Page' whenever you need. Youtube and other media assets may be easily embedded within any of your LMS pages. Re-use videos and other media across courses with the Magento 'block' feature.

I have created a course using Articulate Storyline, Lectora, iSpring, H5P or other content authoring tool. Can MageLMS help me sell this course?

I have created a course using Articulate Storyline, Lectora, iSpring, H5P or other content authoring tool. Can MageLMS help me sell this course?

I run a face-to-face training company and I wish to sell seats on my courses via a webshop. Can MageLMS help me with this?

Yes! MageLMS is built on Magento. Magento has all the features you could need for selling bookable courses. If you create a Course Home Page for your face to face class or workshop, MageLMS can easily collate a Class Roster. Use the Course Home Page to easily distribute pre-workshop resources, maps to the classroom, general induction resources, or essential underpinning theory.

My customers expect to be able to pay and then to access the courses instantly. Can MageLMS help?

Yes! As soon as a purchaser's credit card transaction is completed online, MageLMS will open up instant access to the course. Additional purchases made by that customer will automatically appear on their enrolment profile.

My customers are often parents who wish to purchase on behalf of one or more children. Can MageLMS allow sales on behalf of a different learner?

Yes! At checkout, MageLMS will simply ask the purchaser whether or not they are the learner. If the purchaser is not the learner, they may immediately allocate the seat to the correct learner. The correct learner will receive instant access information.

My customers are businesses or corporations who wish to purchase many seats on behalf of employees. Can MageLMS assist with the distribution of such course access?

Yes! MageLMS comes complete with a 'Manage Licenses' capability. It is easy for a purchaser to allocate seats to employees over time. They may add each employee to the system one-by-one if needed, or batch import a CSV file of learners if they prefer.

I have a telesales team or call center who often take course bookings over the phone. Can MageLMS enable such 'Agent-based' sales?

Yes! It is easy for an Agent to initiate a new purchase from within the MageLMS (Magento) admin control panel. Instantly a sale is completed, the new learner will receive an email with their course access details.

We need the flexibility to instantly suspend or reactivate a learner enrolment. Can MageLMS give us this level of learner control?

Yes! Simply locate the learner on the appropriate Course Roster and choose to 'Suspend' the account. Access will instantly be witheld. Reactivate the learner's access whenever you choose.

I am worried about outgrowing the LMS features of MageLMS. Can I connect a different LMS to Magento using MageLMS technology?

Yes! We already have integrations with Moodle, Totara and Other LMS integrations are on the way or can be custom built.

I want to allow my customers to auto-subscribe to a newsletter. Is that possible in MageLMS?

Yes! Not only that, but a customer may manage their Newsletter subscriptions from their Account page very easily.

I wish to write and send out newsletters from within the LMS itself. Is that possible with MageLMS?

Yes! You can write newsletters within the Magento system, manage their templates and easily queue them up for delivery.

I wish to promote upsells and cross sells from within the course content itself. Can I do this with MageLMS?

Yes! It is very easy to use the Magento widgit capability to embed product data straight into Course Pages.

I wish to sell access for just 30 days. Can MageLMS allow me to sell access by duration?

Yes! Simply set the access duration in days in the product configuration screen. MageLMS will simply suspend the learner access at that point.

I would like to create a bundle of courses so that a single purchase allows a learner to be enrolled on multiple courses at once. Is this possible with MageLMS?

Yes! It is possible to attach a single product in the store to a number of MageLMS courses. Purchasing that one product will allow the learner to be instantly enrolled on multiple courses in one go.

I would like to offer a number of course modules from which a learner must select a set number. Does MageLMS allow this kind of Pick and Mix course bundling?

Yes! MageLMS has a 'Pick 'n' Mix' feature. Simply set the number of products in total and the number of products that must be selected and allow the purchaser to build their own bundle.

I need to send out discount and coupon codes. Does MageLMS allow this?

Yes! MageLMS is built on Magento and has the full suite of Catalog and Cart discount code capabilities.

Many of our customers expect to be able to use small devices such as cell phones, mobile phones and tablets to access their learning.

No problem! MageLMS is built to be highly responsive and will work fine on just about any device.